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Dead Man’s Float

Available September 5, 2023

Whatever you do, don’t swim alone. In his next YA horror, Indie bestselling author Shawn Sarles dives into the terrifying myth behind the dead man’s float.

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A Pocket Full of Posies

Available Now

Parker’s family moves to a perfect town, but there’s something sinister behind the yearly Spring Festival. When Parker is chosen to play a role in a dark tradition, she’ll need to find the truth before it’s too late.

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Mary, Will I Die?

Available Now

It was all an innocent game when four friends said “Bloody Mary” thirteen times in front of a mirror. But now a new girl named Mary has shown up at school and terrible accidents are starting to happen. Are the legends about Bloody Mary true?

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Available Now

While camping in a remote location, Maddie Davenport gathers around the fire with her friends and family to tell scary stories. Caleb, the handsome young guide, shares the local legend of the ferocious Mountain Men who hunt unsuspecting campers and leave their mark by carving grisly antlers into their victims’ foreheads.

The next day, the story comes true.

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